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Path of destiny ; Fenris and female Hawke




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Well, lets see... I am a manga/anime fan, I love music, movies ( romance, fantasy, action, drama, horror in certain amount, comedy ), drawing, reading, animals, RPG and monster training games ... I focus on fantasy/romantic genre and I'm better in writing than drawing, but I would like to learn more. self though artist, using Photoshop around 3 years now. :)

I love :iconzerokiryuplz::iconaskzero::iconzero--kiryu::iconask-zero-kiryu::icona-beast-in-disguise::iconsexyzeroplz::iconsexyzero-plz::iconzeroredeyesplz::iconzeroredeyes1plz::iconzerodrankbloodplz::iconsadzeroplz::iconukezeroplz::iconhowyoudoin-plz:Stamp - Zero Kiryu by MarjorqueZero x Yuuki stamp by YorleniSamaRather have Zero stamp by MidnaMoon

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You are the iris, creative and artistic. You are a passionate person, with a lot going on in your head. You have special talents that people don't always understand. The iris flower is also a symbol of wisdom, so don't let anyone tell you that artists aren't intelligent!<

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My fantasy is my life :)
I was thinking of making a cat calender for next year for myself and i wanted a few pictures with two cats on it cuddling, and you know what you get when you write cat love in search? BOOBS. A a lot of boobs. A lot of women with boobs in first plan, a lot of women cost-playing as catwoman and much more women than cats in general !!! I mean really people !?? Did I write in boobs or sexy girls in search? No, neither! 
Whats with all that!? I need mature filter just to drop the amount of women pictures to 20%. 
Recently I was also on one gallery, a guy's gallery who also had only boobs in, and other intimate parts of women's body. And you call that art!? Thats called porn as far as I am informed actually. You are on Da to draw boobs !?? Disgusting. If you like boobs that much simply go to plastic surgery, buy yourself a few , lock yourself into a room and play with them! I can't look at any pictures anymore without getting boobs like a bonus, no matter what I am trying to find. Enough already!   
Now excuse me, I need to add a Cats folder to my favorites since my Animals folder is fulls of cats now... 
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Kiss in the dark by Selina99999
Kiss in the dark
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Characters belong to my fantasy story Bonded destinies. 
They are both demons with cursed blood. Actually they are even half siblings with the same mother but that doesn't really affect them since they both belong to the imblyon specie and imblyons don't take any bad genes from their parents. In case there are no good genes to take, the children are clones of their parents with possible different element bending.  
She is descendant of a cat demon who got cursed for her crimes against the elves involving slavery and murder, with the duty to guard over the piece of the land as  a Guardian now for eternity hunted by the visions of the pass and the blood of old victims. He is a son of a demon who raped her mother although he was warned he might get cursed for it. The curse affected the children giving them painful visions and the power that wreaks destruction bonded to the emotions of the cursed persons. As the cursed Queen said "Your children will kill you- after she was raped that happened. The newly born imblyons seek on their father and finished him. Even after Astador was dead and the imblyons grew older the curse didn't lose its power driving the imblyons mad, hurting them phisically and the ones around them.  On end all of Astador's sons died in combat or commit suicide, all except two sons. As Abyss's path meets with the new Queen, the descendant of the mother who cursed him, he attacks her seeking to end the curse. However, Abyss's back hits the ground under the imblyon with ancient genes of a cursed cat demon. Instead of killing him she takes him into her clan and teaches Abyss how to restrain the power of the curse and have a somewhat normal life.
During that period Abyss bonds to her. (Bonding- a imblyon creates a crystal necklace that is a part of himself presenting it to his mate. If a imblyon is separated from his mate, within a week he will get sick and stop digesting food. Bonded imblyons who cannot be together with the mate they chose, die naturally in 95% of cases. Very few bonded imblyons survive losing their mate.) During a mission the guardian gets separated from Abyss for several days and then Abyss's demon's side goes berserk with the curse heavily damaging the clan and making a money debt of two million bits. Other emblems from the clan want to kill Abyss, finding out about his curse but the Guardian returns and speaks up for him. Since neither together Abyss and Selina, cannot pay back the debt he made and the clan doesn't want a cursed demon who cannot control himself under the roof,  Selina and Abyss both get expelled from the clan and still indebted to return the money for restoration.
Losing the protection of their clan, other clans where Abyss was a ex-member start to hunt him again due to damage he caused to their members already including murder. Hunted by the guilt Abyss leaves the side of his girlfriend deciding just to die in combat and allow her to go back to her clan.  Selina refuses to return to her home and then, she gets sick. Abyss feels her state through the bond and seeks her out again to find out Selina has bonded as well. The bond became mutual, and now there was no more questioning what would be the best for her. She would die if unable to stay near her mate. Abyss takes Selina with him then to search for another clan that would be willing to give them protection from all the demons that want to kill him. There are not many clans willing to take in two cursed demons though who are also hunted by several clans. And then, a invitation to come talk to a elader of the clan named sanctuary arrives. Gladly, Abyss and Selina leave for the new clan hoping for membership only to find out it was a trap! The leader of Sanctuary is Abyss's brother, the only one other Astador's child who was still alive and he isn't happy at all that his only alive-family member is mating with the daughter of Guardian who cursed his siblings and caused their deaths. Vaad asks for Selina's life and in return he will give his brother -a home and protection-. Now Abyss speaks up for Selina saying she didn't have anything to do with it, that she cannot control the curse and that her death won't help them. Vaad doesn't even care will the curse be lifted or not, he just wants revenge for his father and siblings. Kill her or I kill you both. Abyss faces Vaad in a duel in front of the clan, and he looses the fight. as Vaad tries to kill him, Selina interferes and he beats her up also. Somehow they manage to flee the Sanctuary but Vaad won't stop here. He can still join with other emblems who already hunt for them. The curse is raging in him...


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