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Well, lets see... I am a manga/anime fan, I love music, movies ( romance, fantasy, action, drama, horror in certain amount, comedy ), drawing, reading, animals, RPG and monster training games ... I focus on fantasy/romantic genre and I'm better in writing than drawing, but I would like to learn more. self though artist, using Photoshop around 3 years now. :)

I love :iconzerokiryuplz::iconaskzero::iconzero--kiryu::iconask-zero-kiryu::icona-beast-in-disguise::iconsexyzeroplz::iconsexyzero-plz::iconzeroredeyesplz::iconzeroredeyes1plz::iconzerodrankbloodplz::iconsadzeroplz::iconukezeroplz::iconhowyoudoin-plz:Stamp - Zero Kiryu by MarjorqueZero x Yuuki stamp by YorleniSamaRather have Zero stamp by MidnaMoon

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You are the iris, creative and artistic. You are a passionate person, with a lot going on in your head. You have special talents that people don't always understand. The iris flower is also a symbol of wisdom, so don't let anyone tell you that artists aren't intelligent!<

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My fantasy is my life :)
I was thinking of making a cat calender for next year for myself and i wanted a few pictures with two cats on it cuddling, and you know what you get when you write cat love in search? BOOBS. A a lot of boobs. A lot of women with boobs in first plan, a lot of women cost-playing as catwoman and much more women than cats in general !!! I mean really people !?? Did I write in boobs or sexy girls in search? No, neither! 
Whats with all that!? I need mature filter just to drop the amount of women pictures to 20%. 
Recently I was also on one gallery, a guy's gallery who also had only boobs in, and other intimate parts of women's body. And you call that art!? Thats called porn as far as I am informed actually. You are on Da to draw boobs !?? Disgusting. If you like boobs that much simply go to plastic surgery, buy yourself a few , lock yourself into a room and play with them! I can't look at any pictures anymore without getting boobs like a bonus, no matter what I am trying to find. Enough already!   
Now excuse me, I need to add a Cats folder to my favorites since my Animals folder is fulls of cats now... 
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Niaatos- the dimension traveler by Selina99999
Niaatos- the dimension traveler
Name: Niaatos
gender: female
specie: shadow sabercat
element: darkus 

Shadow sabercats are a specie native to Summoner's world, due to their high resistance to malice and black power summoners often used them in hunting monsters and fiends. Shadow sabercats have one of the most developed dimension walk ability among the beasts and can travel between dimensions freely including the Spirit graveyard allowing them to pass big distances very fast and be excellent mounts. There is also a low chance they will get sick eating a monster flesh or be inflicted by the monster curse. Summoners found shadow sabercats very useful but because their breeding success rate is low they became rare. Both female and male cats of this specie are very aggressive in mating period and females are also very picky. Breeding centers encountered a lot of injuries among the beasts trying to breed them and the beasts often turned against their summoners when being forced to breed which lead to beasts leaving their summoners for good also. Mages gave up on breeding centers for shadow sabercats on the end leaving the beasts to choose their mates by themselves. Since shadow sabercats are loners and often travel far between dimensions that also leads to wild shadow sabercats coming in contact with own specie very rarely. Shadow sabercats use to breed with other large cat species more than with their own and that resulted in half breeds. None of the offspring of a pure-blood shadow sabercat and another cat kept the shadow sabercat's abilities and that also lead to the shadow sabercat specie becoming rare.  Today it is considered a rare honor for a mage to own a shadow sabercat.  
The picture represents a shadow sabercat named Niaatos.There is a dimensional gate behind her from which she came into the room and a gate in front of ehr she just opened to switch dimensions again. She isn't surrounded by flames, she is surrounded by malice. Malice is a evil energy that takes the form of mist, flames and different magical attacks. It can be summoned as a attack by mages who control the malice and it can be found as a natural phenomenon in cursed dimensions where monsters and fiends live. For more info ask or visit my fantasy story. The character and the shadow sabercats specie belong to me. 
My main character Selina came in contact with Niaatos while her malice was high. She challenged teh wild beast to a duel and the beast agreed to form a bond with her. However, Selina made only a bond between her fusion spirit with a beast implanting some of her fusion's power in beast before asking Niaatos to give a chance to her mate and bond with him becoming also a link between their Spirit graveyards as a soul guardian. upon reciving Spirit's power Niaatos agreed to test Selina's mate and see is he worthy of becoming her summoner. Abyss passed Niaatos's test and bonded with the sabercat becoming a proud owner of a shadow sabercat. :)
HungerClaw-Frozen heart in the snow by Selina99999
HungerClaw-Frozen heart in the snow
Vaad's beast form, linyx specie, his beast name is HungerClaw. 
Vaad's imblyon form:…
Born with the curse of malice HungerClaw and faced with the difficulties that others didn't understand HungerClaw developed into a rebellious and aggressive male with nothing else on his mind except himself. Everything he has now he achieved by taking it for himself by the Law of the Stronger including his status, clan and his mate. HungerClaw lives drawn only by his own desires which includes clan strength, physical pleasure and some other wimps of his. Everything he saw and liked he has taken for himself until now destroying obstacles on his way.  With no serious enemy on sight, he is still missing something though and HungerClaw's heart remains frozen as ice. The one who has something in common with him is his brother MoonShadow born with the curse as well who refuses to join his clan though and that will be Vaad's next occupation. find the remains of his family and gather it under his roof.    
Little snow animation where i missed an edge: HungerClaw in snow

Linyx specie came to be when a cheendera mated with a sabercat. Linyxes have stronger body built than cheenderas but weaker than sabercats which includes the size of their fangs as well. Linyxes would not survive like a part of a sabercat pack but could be bosses in cheendera pack. They are slower than cheenderas in max speed they can reach but have more weight and strength.   Warp mages recognized the linyxes as a separate specie and they are breed in certain parts of Summoner's worlds for bonding with summoners, in wild they are not so many of them. 
Character and the specie belongs to my fantasy story. 

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