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February 16, 2012
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CHAPTER 0 : The queen of black cats and the cat kingdom

Darkness was all over town. Black energy that appeared changed everything. People have changed. The energy that gave power, awakened in everybody the desire for power that was already there. Not all people have changed, but those who did, they began to implement their own laws, destroy, take what they want. Those without power, could not resist...
Psychic, invisible force driven by the power of thoughts that moved things, and black power, the energy that  shocked like electricity and devoured things like fire, creating an explosion. People with power have multiplied, creating the very first demons. Everything was destroyed. People were dying out among the clans of demons who fought for power. Either die or to change, master the power and fight for yourself, for something. The only law that was still there was the law of the stronger. Black power is flowing through my native city, visible to eye, like a black mist, insensitive to touch, while they who changed could use it for attack.

I was alone. All alone. My family was dead. I do not know what happened with my friends. I do not know if I ever had them, true friends. I did not expect anything. I was just hiding, waiting for what will be. What could I expect, when every transformed man had his own ideas about the future? But black power did not created demons. She just gave the power to individuals who did with her as they pleased. People have always been like that, by nature more inclined to evil than good. It was not the fault of black power. I was born as a woman, the weaker sex, without the wealth or influence, I never could impose my will, it was imposed over me by those who wreak their problems on others. I didn't hate  people at that time, but I was afraid of them. Always I just wanted one person with me, who would understand and support me ... Nothing special.

A small group that I met that night had no power. It was only a handful of men who wanted it. Which have, I do not know what the reason, that was irrelevant anyway, taken advantage of this opportunity to have fun over the weak, over me. Law of the stronger one once again . They didn't want to let me go. I couldn't do anything. They hurt me. I resisted unsuccessfully. Fear, pain. They held me, touched and ripped of my clothes. While their leader took me by force, harsh, insensitive and painful for me ... I cried ... There was never any use of that ...As he trusted himself into me, the fear turned into hatred. Deep hatred for the world and all humanity . I wanted so fervently, to swap places  and make him understand what he is doing to me, to make him feel the hurt he is making me feel. I wanted to be one that is stronger and impose my will.

Black power then reacted to my pain, anger and hatred. I felt its strength is concentrating around my aura. I heard somewhere meowing cats from the street, which turned silent. The animal, which I loved and respected ... And then a wave of black power erupted from my body and hit the attacker shocking him, the man stumbled, his voice stuck in his throat. Others have moved away, shocked ... The blood sprinkled on the street: long blades stick out from the back of my attacker. Pierced  his heart. The other end of the blades, came from my fingers. My claws, they were like a long  thin swords. The man slipped from them to the ground, and he was dead. Amazed, the others fled. Claws have shortened and infiltrated under the skin of the first catwoman , the first cat demon in the world of demons. Her body was covered in short black fur, and whip-like tail broke from the buttocks. Ears were catlike, pupils narrowed. The front teeth become fangs. She stood there, while the blood dripped down her arm, which has just pierced the human body. In a flash of light, catwoman form withdrew, and the brown-eyed girl walked down the street accompanied by the black power, which was like a stream of energy flowing around her, and accompanied by a black cat.

Everything will be changed. By one law: the law of the stronger. She choose a title that will long be remembered: The Queen of black cats. She became the most powerful demon in that area, no one was like her. Her level of power was unprecedented. The black power regenerated her body and returned the attacks with two times bigger power. Nobody could stop it. And she chose the girls, who through her power became a same cat DNA, with psychic and black power. Established cat demon clan has grown and strengthened with incredible speed. Cat kingdom became the center of the world and everything was conducted according to the will of the Queen. Other demons left that territory and moved away. She no longer grew old and she was unbeatable. People have died out . Only demons were left...

In the cat kingdom lived catwomen and catmen. Males had a poor black power and the weaker telepathic power as the queen desired it. In her castle, the main castle among the cat castles, the males did not live, just came to visit. Other catwomen would normally socialized and sleep with them, but not the queen. She was not interested in that . Besides the cat demons where the females had the last word, there was another class of the society created by the Queen, through the manipulation of human DNA and black power. Elves to be called in the future, they were slaves to catwomen . Those who did not have the power. Seed of power was in them, but so weakened that they could not be measured with any demon. They worked for cat demons and were abused all day. Slaves had no right to vote, no name, no number. Cats continuously plagued them,  that they learned from the Queen.  Played with their blood. They never spoke, because they were not allowed. Queen's vengeance executed upon them, her fun, moodiness, her purpose in life was blood on those long cold claws. Electricity, fire, cold, chains, whips, white poison designed for torture, whipping, were everyday of the slaves that belonged to cat demons.

They were inferior things, their life. The Queen, cats did not have mercy. Death was long and painful. They begged for mercy, for death. They were created to do so, to suffer and get beaten. If one died from his DNA others were cloned. Quickly  and cheaply through black power. They all look the same or very similar to another. With long blue hair, color like those kind of man had who raped the queen. Tortured, abused and raped, they did not know for anything else. Before they were removed from the cloning machine, and put into use, the black power in their telepathy inserted false memories. Cats were the gods for elves, the natural order , they did not know for better, neither did they think about it. They were living things, to suffer. Telepathic power allowed the cats to read thoughts, and gave orders that way, had complete control. Slaves were totally helpless that way. They did not resist. Fear, pain and despair were the only feelings they knew, for entire life. They lived until  the cat which they belonged to would not get bored with them.
Queen of black cats went to bed only with slaves. Was always above them, and after that , the slave was sentenced to death, mostly. They did not know anything else. Loyalty to the  ruthless  mistress was deeply embedded in them. For the entire kingdom , from her power. Curse of the queen of black cats, revenge, was reality for them . And it  seemed  it will always be so. Cat demons ruled, enjoyed the power, but ...

Although they said that they have no mercy, especially she ... One slave has discovered something else. Not that he wanted to reveal it, but he was given a chance that none before him had. The queen was satisfied only when the blood flowed down her claws. The blood of slaves who were innocent paid for her ruined life. No cat, a demon or a slave did not know what was in her. She never confided to no one, opened. She... was not happy when all were lying under her feet, adoring her and while she ruled over entire kingdom.  Only with the blood  ...

Why? Why is my mistress crying ?
A slave sitting in the corner, half  naked on the cold tiles. Darkness of the night, black catwoman at the table with her head down ... The rules, laws, commandments written in his head, didn't say what to do when the mistress was sad.
Mistress, what can I do for you?
He asked in his mind. Cat would read them if they wanted to pay attention. They weren't allowed to talk, they didn't know how. She did not react. Slaves were not allowed to touch the cat without her orders. But once they did it out of desperation, hoping to obtain mercy instead of punishment. He got up without a license, she did not respond, and he touched her. This contact will determine his fate.
Cat raised her head and growled.
Not feeling well, mistress? What do you want me to do? He withdrew his hand.
Someone like you, trash like you could never understand!  -Was the answer he heard telepathically, when the cat claws dug into his long blonde hair and drew back his head backwards. Fear appeared in his eyes, as always, and he didn't make a sound thought.
Mistress ... What can I do to make you feel better? Tell me ...
A new wave of anger in her thoughts, the blood ran down the elf's head, as he clenched his teeth ... And then she did something, not for the first time.
I'll allow you to understand and you'll be sorry you did! She lifted the curse of black power in his telepathy, and showed him, that what he sees as the natural order did not specify that the elves have to serve cats, that she determined it, and why she acted that way . Thousands of pictures and words passed through telepathy of the elf in one minute. He saw her past and creation of his own race and Cat Kingdom. And tears of despair and helplessness again flowed down the face of the slave  ...

Usually, the elves who sow this , would soon be killed by her hands. And knowing all that, elves never thought about revenge. They were created that way,and all the clones were identical. It was just a profound sadness. They did not ask why, not prayed, wished nothing new, just quietly cry ...
A catwoman will kill him within about a month of intense torture. Smiled, thinking about everything ...
What do you want me to do for your mistress? Again he asked telepathically lowering his  head ... And then she bent hers, he felt despair in her  which he did not understand. A thousand pictures were not enough for someone just two months old, only with the rules of serving in his head ... All these slaves were apparently adults, having in themselves just what the cat wanted to ...
Put your hand on my shoulder.

?! Slave sat up unsteadily and did that , laying his hand on the shoulder of the black catwoman while the tears ran down her cheeks which reason he did not understand ... The whole world was under her feet ...
He was not killed, or tortured anymore. Little by little, the queen of black cats was showing mercy to the slave and gave him a name.  Lio . Because of her orders, nor the other cats did not touch him anymore. Because of the opportunities provided, Lio was beginning to understand why. Why is all this way. Why was his race so much suffering . And in his gentle way, by which he was created like, he understood and sympathized with her. Having acquired  the courage without permission, or incentives, to put a hand on her shoulder or to hug her. Not looking for anything from her, neither did he  acted otherwise but walked upright on her initiative, wearing different clothes and learned to speak. Queen thought Lio is kind of nice, showed understanding but...

Since that night, the queen never again slept with Lio. And soon began to refuse the hand of comfort that was given to her. Lio was still a slave, created one. Being who is suffering cause of her, having in himself an inborn fear of cats. Such a friendship she did not want to allow herself. She loved Lio as a friend but in him she still saw a dog who had no will of its own. She did not want a false friendship. Friendship, feelings in which she had a superior position and therefore she pushed Lio away. Agreed to allow him access to her  thoughts and feelings that he already knew of. He had the benefits like every catman excluding the power. He spoke and moved freely in cat castle.

- You will abandon the castle today. -
- What? Why queen? Where will I go? -
- This is not the place for you. You should not live surrounded by cats and slaves of your own kind. I'll find a place for you where you will be completely free Lio. I'll send you some friends so you won't be alone . -
-! ? -
- This is my last. -
- You will release all the slaves Selina ? -
- Some.  For you. -
-! .... -

The city on the mountain, near the cat castle. A hundred elves were freed from the curse of the black power like Lio, who was first one. The city under the protection of the Queen. Cats didn't touch these elves.

- You are turning soft Selina. -
- Are you going to release them all soon? - Catwomans have commented ...
- No. It's OK for a part of them out there ... Most of them remain in slavery. - she retorted.

Despite its present, Lio continued to return to the cat castle. On a visit to the queen, while he prayed her to liberate more slaves. She was not exactly broad-more in this regard anymore. Sometimes she would free more of them, sometimes she didn't. Lio has noticed that he was pushed away, and understood why without that she told him.. Not able to convince her that, for his part, he always will be with her no matter what. That he wants to be close to her, from his own will, and not because he needs to, or because she is the principal in the kingdom, because he was made to sit at her feet. She threw him out. It was not that she did not believe him, how much that she didn't want to. Because of guilt, because she has made slaves in the first place, she did not want his friendship, and yet she wanted it at the other hand ... She could not ... Because she is still a demon without grace in the eyes of the elvish race, and Lio is descended from it. And he knew ... He knew that the queen would never release his entire race as they stand. He came and still came with the same results. Their relationship has become so official, and he did not want that ... He could not touch the queen's heart in a way he wanted, she did not permit it. Because he belongs to the race that was put in bondage by her. Lio wanted, to save her from her own darkness, to save all the elves, free them. He believed that love could free the queen of the need for hate and blood. But he could not give her that cause she didn't allow him to, because she thought that he sees her only as a mistress, and he could not convince her otherwise. He would be kicked out as soon as the tried.... He could not do more than pray from time to time for freedom of individuals, being also the leader of the Elves of the city. Everybody trusted him, to protect them from the cats, believed in him and were grateful for everything ... Cause of him, at least some could be free ,and free elves began to emerge outside the castles where cat demons created slaves through cloning .

At that time appeared to be another single from their race. Cats played with the black power and the machine for cloning ,departing from the the standards set by the Queen. They created a commodity that was different from the others. Instead of blue, his hair was black as night, and he had dark green eyes. He was the first wizard. The concentration of power in him was far greater than normal slaves. Shir Khan, as he will later be called by the queen, in a week rejected rules, convincing himself that the cats are unfair and that no one will determine his place in the world.                              
He dismissed the memories that have been inserted into him, that no other slave has done before. And attacked  the catwomen. His power grew stronger and stronger, black power was in the hands of a slave for the first time. In two weeks the beated up two Catwomen, freed himself and destroyed the entire castle with a explosion of black power. He fled.
The Queen was left speechless when she heard of this. Cats that have deviated from the rules are penalized. Next to, the Queen was not worried.
- Bring him back. -

Catwomen who followed him were beaten back or did not return. Khan had a stronger power, not only stronger then slaves but of catwomen as well. He was the first wizard. When he appeared before the free city with outstretched black wings and landed bringing dozen of slaves with him from the ruined castle, Lio and others were left speechless. Khan ruled over his own transformation. But he soon learned that the slaves cannot be free (regardless the elf race, Khan was not an elf) if the queen does not remove her curse from them. If not so, these elves were not eating or drinking, or wanted to sleep in the bed ... they died soon. Everyone except him. So were they made. Lio has tried to persuade Khan into it, and that their resistance against cats only will bring more problems, but Khan ignored him saying that in this case he will kill the Queen of black cats and thereby free up their entire race, and other cats will be easy to deal with after that.                                                                       
 After destruction of five more cat castles, the queen decided to take care of the runaway slave herself. She came into a free city at the right time and they charged into a fight.

- With your death, elves will finally be free. I will stop only when I take your life. I do not care why and how, I will not be a slave to anyone and I will deliver my race. I will not settle before then. -Khan said.
- The Elves will be slaves while I'm alive anyway. You're too conceited slave, no one can kill me.-she retorted.
- I will not kneel before you, I will die before that. You're just a bloodthirsty monster, you will drop by my sword I swear it by my life. -
She smiled, and the elves of the city surrounded the rivals.
-! -
- Your beloved friends that you just saved ... I am the law here, do you not understand? They will kill you if I say the word. But let him dream. I will punish him myself. -
Elves retreated while Khan growled ...
- Selina, please ... - Lio begged. Khan and cat queen flew in the air and the fight began. He could not hurt her. Wave of black power from her side swept his. She regenerate instantaneously, the wizard did not regenerate. She was not even wounded; twice stronger attacks were coming back to him. Khan's blood splashed the earth. Psychic threw him to the ground among others. Scourge of black power was dancing and ripped Khan's skin and flesh, blood colored the ground ... She whipped him and threw in front of others.
Witch eyes that were full of hatred, he swore revenge ...
- Selina, please, stop ... - she pushed Lio away and grabbed the wizard's neck with her claw :  - I'll tame you ... Khan, Shir Khan. - And pressed him in a kneeling position in front of her. He growled...

Then, by teleport, taking Khan with her, returned to her cat castle. Cats greeted her with enthusiasm, threw Khan on the floor between them, blood colored the floor ... They beat him up again, wizard didn't scream or beg for mercy nor knelt down voluntarily. It turned out that the Khan was immune to the curse of black power, but it did not matter for the queen, she though it was fun ... The Queen has sealed her victory, taking the wizard in her bed and she raped him.
In the morning, terribly mad, partly regenerated, Khan stood up ...
- You can go, we'll see each other again when I wish, dear ... -she said to him.
Wizard growled and blowing up the wall striking it with the black power he left. He couldn't do anything ...
He continued to attack the cats, but he could not give slaves the freedom. Occasionally, Khan and the queen would fight, always with the same result. He would lose, and she would be amused by it. Khan was very proud unlike elves, and she stepped on his pride again and again. Cats could not stop him, she would allow him to do damage, still having the the superiority, it was her game. She found it fun to finally have an opponent. He hated it, hated it terribly ... Tried it with psychic, controlling the elves, to kill her in sleep. But the tail of a catwoman, reacting like a snake turned  into a blade and stabbed elves. There was no way. The Queen was unbeatable.
Elves didn't even want to fight, he couldn't encourage them, he was alone. Cats have followed the queen and the other demons moved away from her path. There was no way for him, what made him so mad ... She therefore found a way to make him kneel before her. Threatened to torture a elf terribly if he doesn't listen to her. He refused and the elf was screaming in agony for days under torture, and so Khan conceded, and willingly knelt before the queen of black cats. How he hated her ... Then he had to do it again in the presence of cats and free elves. How he hated her.... From the bottom of the soul. Then he was again taken to bed, allowing him to be over her. He took her roughly and violently, and she just smiled ...
- See you next time baby, I'll search for you. You were great ... -
He left slamming doors, cursing as always ... She could telepathically feel and find him always. She could force him to be there, but she didn't bother to prevent him from making damage to other cat castles while other cats could not stop him ... He really wanted to kill her and tried continually and unsuccessfully  ... Even Lio already lost hope that his race ever will be free but still ...

Having created a free city of elves who multiplied, other cities start to grow as well. Elves were born free, without the curse of black power, but these cities were without the protection of Queen and cats often purchased slaves there. They used to take things instead sometimes, elves traded their freedom more or less successfully under unfair conditions.
That day, the queen was playing a new game, pretending to be a habitual catwoman, she came to this city to haggle about what she could take in the place of slaves. Purely out of  boredom. One of elves from there caught her eye and she made it a long-term bargaining without sharing her real interest ... Which was noticed by a couple of other catwomen.
- I think the queen likes that elf ... -
- Yes? Are you sure? -
- 100%. Brunette,  blue-eyed, born out of the castle. It will certainly be fun to subdue him, as she did with Khan ... -
- Shall we deliver it to her as a gift? -
This is a INTRODUCTION . Whole chapter 0, chapter 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.4 and 0.5. are an introduction. That's why you might think it is going too fast, switching between past and present, missing details,explanation and feelings, but this is just a short story to introduce you to my real one. You will find details,feelings, conversations and explanations normally in chapter 1 and on with all events playing in present time, so just read on, follow the links in description, and if you don't understand something, or want to know something more about characters, feel free to ask me in comments or send me a note. I will gladly discuss my story with you. :)

Chapter 0 begins with past, switches to present and continues with little about future in 0.1. They are not meant to explain anybody's else actions except the queen's actions. I would like readers to self-assume what were Lio's, Bass's and Khan's motives. I often ask them what were they, even as information about them were deficient and their feelings weren't explained, I want readers to interpret them the way which seems most probable to them. Lio, Bass and Khan belong to the past and they can be interpreted in many ways.

Here are the links for pictures of this chapter :


Here is a newer image of Lio:[link]

Next chapter : [link]
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